The Innsbruck TrekMaximum flexibility

The Innsbruck Trek is a flexible long-distance hiking trail. In other words, you decide on the kind of experience you want to have and according to your own demands.

Each day you can pick between an easy or a challenging route as well as an Alpine Route. You will be accomodated in comfortable hotels. Furthermore, we offer our guests the option to book their trip guided, as part of a tour in a small group with a certified mountain guide or as an independent journey with booked hotels, luggage transport & detailed information on routes. .

Appealing accommodations

Comfortable hotels

3 Difficulty Levels

You can choose each day between an easy and a more challenging route. Additionally, you can choose the Alpine Route, on which you round Innsbruck mostly on via ferratas.

Luggage transport

Easy hiking with a light daysack

Easy, challenging or alpine route?

Whether independently or as a guided tour along the Innsbruck Trek: in both cases, hikers can choose each day between an intermediate or a more challenging route. You can choose spontaneously on site and in accordance to your state of mood and sore muscles. Also, you can choose the Alpine Route, on which you round Innsbruck on via ferratas. You choose, because: Innsbruck stands for individuality.

Gently around Innsbruck

Easy route

Hiking between four and six hours each day is absolutely sufficient – after all, plenty of time should be left for surveying flowers at the wayside during or after a tour, or a short nap in the sun. For those with the same mindset, the easy route will be the right choice. Healthy hikers with regular stamina, but also those who seek an easygoing day-in-between, will feel at home on the easy route of the Innsbruck Trek.

High above Innsbruck

Difficult route

Those who have chosen the challenging route of the Innsbruck Trek should bring along good stamina, surefootedness, a head for heights, and expect daily hiking up to eight hours. This way, you will enjoy all the more summits with far-reaching views, like the Wankspitze (2.209 m), Pirchkogel (2.828 m) and the Viggarspitze (2.306 m) along the path Zirbenweg.

Round Innsbruck on via ferratas

alpine route

You feel comfortable on bold via ferratas? You’ve got experience in the Alps? You don’t get scared by heights and are sure-footed? Then the Alpine Route of the Innsbruck Trek is the perfect choice for you.

Diverse region

Experience 5 mountain massifs

7-day Trekking journey

Independently or guided by ASI Reisen

alpine-urban flair

The most beautiful trails surrounding Innsbruck

Independently or guided?

Along the Innsbruck Trek you have the possibility to travel either independently and according to your own pace and desired date, or together with a certified ASI mountain guide on a fixed date.


The independent option of the Innsbruck Trek is for all those who love hiking according to their own rhythm. Each day will be adapted to one‘ s request, like getting up in the morning just as you please; choosing a pretty spot during your hike to eat an apple; or adjusting the walking pace to your daily condition. Yet, having booked no guided tour does not mean to go without service. All accommodations will be booked beforehand, hikers receive detailed travel documents, maps, luggage transport and a 24/7 service number. However: if you choose the independent option without a guide, inspired by the call for adventure, you should bring with you experience with reading hiking maps and route descriptions and have a sense of direction.


In this guided version our guests will hike the Innsbruck Trek together with like-minded people and an experienced certified ASI mountain- and hiking guide. The guide knows the mountains surrounding Innsbruck inside out, and tells on the way the one or other anecdote. Hiking with a group does not necessarily mean to walk with a great number of people: we focus on small groups in order to provide enough time for individual exploration and flexibility. This includes also the option to choose each day between two different routes with various levels of difficulty.

In addition to that, ‘easygoingness‘ will also be on the agenda. As it is the case with the independent option of the Innsbruck Trek, you will hike with a light daysack. Your whole luggage, including also your extra clothing, awaits you already at the accommodation at the end of each hiking day.

Guests‘ impressions about the Innsbruck Trek


A wonderful journey, interesting people and beautiful weather. The tour showed the Innsbruck Region at its best.

Michael S.


What a wonderful trip! Each day you have a different view of Innsbruck.

Lisa W.


I was a participant at the 1. Innsbruck Trek in July 2018. Marvellous views, challenging but also easier routes, hiking through different mountain regions with constantly new impressions, a fine harmony amongst the group members & an excellent guide turned this week into a wonderful experience & a trip I can only recommend.

Karin G.

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Originally as Alpinschule Innsbruck, ASI Reise has its roots since more than 55 years along the Innsbruck Trek. The multifaceted mountain world right on the doorstep, inspires ASI’ s general manager Ambros Gasser and his many long-term employees on a daily basis. Together they share one passion: being outside in nature. So come along and expand your horizon for a lifetime.


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