Stage 4 | easy RouteAlong the Sellrainer Höhenweg

On the Besinnungsweg and through mountaineering villages

Starting pointBus station Alt Peida

Finish pointturnaround bus station Oberperfussberg

Ascent350 m

descent850 m

Route Day 4

altitude profile Day 4

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Ponder, get lost, rediscover and hiking

BESINNUNGSweg (Path of reflection)

Today‘ s tour will start just below the parish St. Sigmund. First, you hike on a broad forest road along the stream Zirmbach towards the charming mountain village Gries. After half an hour you leave the road, taking instead an idyllic forest hiking trail. Follow the path and you will arrive at Gries. The village with its 600 inhabitants, still holds on to the tradition of a farming countryside, far away from any mass tourism, and is for a perfect starting point for hiking and ski tours in the Sellrainer mountain range.

Follow the Besinnungsweg further on towards the place St. Quirin. After hiking a slightly sloping forest path, you will pass beautiful and with flowers decorated old farming houses. Charming spots with benches invite you to linger and enjoy the moment. On your way you will also find signs inscribed with various thoughts on belongings, getting lost, rediscovering as well as signs that lead the way to the place Guten Hirten.

ASI Guide und Wanderin gehen auf Bessinungsweg
Baum im Sellraintal
Wallfahrtskriche St. Quirin
Between modesty and sublimity


After two and half hours you will arrive in St. Quirin and find a small pilgrimage church, stretching itself into the sky on the southern side of the Sellrain. In the church‘ s background, the mountain range of the Karwendell, Nordkette and Patscherkofel create a fantastic panorama.

The tour continues across a meadow path to the valley Tiefental and further on towards Oberperfuss, today’s final destination.

Aussicht von Wallfahrtskriche St. Quirin

Distance13 km

Time5 h

Difficulty level3


Pilgrimage church St. Quirin

Gries in Sellrain

St. Sigmund in Sellrain

Following the traces of squires on your way to Kühtai