Packing list for the Innsbruck-Trek

Preparations for a mountain hike

Before you go hiking in the mountains, a few things need to be planned and considered. You have already decided on the tour, and accommodations are booked. The crucial question is now: what should I take with me without hiking overloaded? In order to help you with your planning, ASI guides have put together a packing list for a fulfilling and relaxed hiking experience.


Preparations for the Innsbruck-Trek

Hiking clothing guide

There is nothing worse than realising, with soaked socks at 1.500 m, that your reserve pair of socks is still lying at home on your bed. Or, to notice at the end of the day that 10 pair of socks were far too much to bring with you. For this reason and as orientation aid, ASI guides have put together a packing list.


  • Robust hiking shoes with a firm grip sole
  • 3 pairs of hiking socks (merino wool or any other functional material)
  • 3x underwear or functional underwear
  • 1 long breathable hiking trousers, if required with a zipper
  • 1 short hiking trousers
  • 1 belt
  • 1 rain trousers, in case your hiking pants are not water-resistant
  • 2 functional shirts, long – and short-sleeved respectively
  • 1 fleece, or a down jacket – they are light package and serve as an extra layer
  • 1 windbreaker and/or rain jacket for outer garment
  • 1 head covering: cap/sun hat/Buff
  • 1 (dark) sunglasses
  • Thin gloves
  • Swimwear (bikini, bathing shorts)
  • Comfortable shoes for the evenings

Extras for your packing list: further equipment

Besides clothing, a few helpful gadgets will facilitate your hiking and should not be missing in your Rucksack.

So make sure to leave room for following items

  • Rain cover for your Rucksack
  • Water bottle or any kind of drinking system for your Rucksack
  • Hiking sticks
  • Spikes for slippery passages or possible snow fields
  • Pocket knife
  • Washbag with toiletries
  • Maps, hiking-and/or travelling guide-book
  • Compass
  • Powerbank as well as charger for camera and/or mobile phone
  • Camera
  • Zip-lock bags, plastic bags
  • ID-card
  • (health) insurance card
  • Member-ID Alpine Association
  • Cash – huts often don‘ t accept cards

additional gear for the alpine route

For the Alpine Route, you also need:


  • Harness
  • Via ferrata set
  • Via ferrata gloves
  • Climbing helmet
  • Approach shoes or climbing shoes

Med-kit: packing list for an emergency-set

When your shoe pinches or your knee hurts, it is always useful to have some medical supplies with you that can help instantly. Also your Med-kit for emergencies needs a spot in your Rucksack. It is important your kit applies to your personal needs.


  • First aid set
  • Plasters, also for blisters
  • Sport balm
  • Tape, in case of back or knee pain
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Your personal medicaments
  • Sun creme
  • Tick tong

Provisions for a hiking tour

When planning a mountain hike, you should give thought about good and healthy food one day before your tour starts. From a nutrition point of view, not only the day before, but also those during your hike are important. With a healthy diet you can support your body and eating some snacks in-between help to maintain your energy level. For the needed stamina and energy, it is essential to eat good carbs, magnesium and drink enough liquids.

Our advised provisions for a daily stage are:

  • Cereal bars
  • Fruits – or dried fruits (keep longer fresh)
  • Nuts
  • Whole-wheat bread for the Jause (snack)
  • Energy bars
  • Vegetables like carrots
  • Magnesium tablets against cramps


comfortable hotels


Easy, challenging or alpine route


Easy hiking with a light daysack


Along the Innsbruck Trek you have the possibility to travel either independently and according to your own pace and desired date, or together with a certified ASI mountain guide on a fixed date.


The independent option of the Innsbruck Trek is for all those who love hiking according to their own rhythm. Each day will be adapted to one‘ s request, like getting up in the morning just as you please; choosing a pretty spot during your hike to eat an apple; or adjusting the walking pace to your daily condition. Yet, having booked no guided tour does not mean to go without service. All accommodations will be booked beforehand, hikers receive detailed travel documents, maps, luggage transport and a 24/7 service number. However: if you choose the independent option without a guide, inspired by the call for adventure, you should bring with you experience with reading hiking maps and route descriptions and have a sense of direction.


In this guided version our guests will hike the Innsbruck Trek together with like-minded people and an experienced certified ASI mountain- and hiking guide. The guide knows the mountains surrounding Innsbruck inside out, and tells on the way the one or other anecdote. Hiking with a group does not necessarily mean to walk with a great number of people: we focus on small groups in order to provide enough time for individual exploration and flexibility. This includes also the option to choose each day between two different routes with various levels of difficulty.

In addition to that, ‘easygoingness‘ will also be on the agenda. As it is the case with the independent option of the Innsbruck Trek, you will hike with a light daysack. Your whole luggage, including also your extra clothing, awaits you already at the accommodation at the end of each hiking day.